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St. Croix Visitors

Jane, Joel and Rose

Rose and Joel (friends from our St. Croix days) left today after two busy weeks in Panama. They spent a couple of days with us, but most of the time they were on the road (nearly 2000 kilometers - 1250 miles) seeing the sights - it was wearing me out reading about their travels. Visiting Panama City, El Valle, Boquete, Bocas, Santa Clara, Colon and many small towns in between, they had mostly positive things to report - good food (especially the lasagna), beer, great scenery and friendly people. Read More...

Very busy week

Don returned to Virginia yesterday after a good round of touring that kept us busy since his arrival last Monday. We enjoyed his visit and had a fun week doing the "tourist" thing. Earlier in the week we hit the canal, Panama Viejo, the causeway and the Smithsonian's Nature Center.

Miraflores Panama Canal     Causeway Restaurant
Don Punta Culebra     From Punta Culebra
Then . . . . . . . . Read More...

First House Guest

On Monday a good friend of many years flew in from Roanoke VA, for a week. Don and I had worked together in Charlotte and St. Croix and rode our motorcycles together - back in the old days. Yesterday we went out to the Panama Canal, specifically the Miraflores locks - toured the very interesting museum and watched a couple of ships pass through the locks. We've, of course, seen this before - but it's still an impressive operation. After a couple of hours at the visitors center we headed for a late lunch at the Gamboa Resort's waterside restaurant - very good meal, fine service and a great setting. Next stop, Albrook Mall for ice cream - then back to Casco. Don and I went out at 9 P.M. to a new ceviche bar on Plaza Bolivar for at late night snack and beer. Nice end to a very full day - this tourist stuff sure is hard work.

Miraflores   Panama Canal Miraflores   Ship at Miraflores


More visitors

Elaine and Ron visiting Casco
Another great day in Casco Viejo made even better by a visit from Panama Notes readers, Elaine and Ron. We had a nice lunch at Super Gourmet and did our little walking tour of Casco which ended, of course, with a stop at the ice cream shop.

The Bramson's plan on building in Altos Del Maria - trading in the big city life of Atlanta for the more laid back lifestyle in a mountain community. It's always interesting when we visit with others that plan on moving to Panama (or already have) to hear the why's and process used in selecting a particular place within the country. Everyone has their own criteria and the attractiveness of Panama is that it has something for everyone.
Elaine and Jane

Every visit we have from a "Notes" reader has turned a name into a friend. Thanks for stopping by guys - hope we see you again!

Take care.

A visitor, música and night work

Bonnie and Jane at Gongora
Had another Panama Notes reader stop by for a visit and she traveled a looong way to reach Panama. Bonnie is a English language teacher living in Japan and is checking out Panama and Mexico (her next stop) as a possible place to retire. Jane and I needed to do some shopping at Albrook Mall so Bonnie decided to tag along and check things out - she was impressed. Even checked out the theater and decided she would return to catch a couple of flicks - ticket $4.00 versus the $15 it costs in Japan. We had a good lunch and got some stuff we needed for the apartment, then back to Casco. Read More...
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