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Unusual Dinner


Friday evening we had another fantastic dinning experience at S'cena, here in Casco. Nathan (that's him standing in the doorway) and the crew took very good care of us. We had four appetizers (between the three of us), some of the best stuffed Grouper I've had, and a caramelized apple thingy for dessert. The food and it's presentation were outstanding.

The most unusual aspect of this night out, however, was how it came about. Read More...

Jane's Hangout

Jane at Frit Arte
A couple of months ago a new restaurant opened just down the street. Frit Arte is a combination restaurant, coffee shop, and gallery. The food is primarily Panamanian with a Columbian twist - it's good and also inexpensive, a great combination. The gallery has a little of everything - glass, crafts made by neighborhood kids, clothing, paintings, wall hangings, plus other "neat stuff" that decorates the space and makes it a great place to just hangout. Read More...

Back in Panama


Just returned from my quick trip to the states, visited family and friends - it had been nearly eighteen years since I was last in Michigan, did some shopping and lots of eating. Anne (one of my sisters) played host and chauffeur. Chris (other sister) flew in from Vermont, so we had a mini family reunion. Had a very nice week - only downside, gained five pounds.

Leaving on a jet plane

I'll be away from the computer (no Panama Notes) for the next week. Quick trip to Michigan to see family and run a couple of errands.

Everyone take care.

Something's missing

old club
When Manual Noriega was running the show in Panama this building was a Social Club for his top commanders. As you can see it was severely damaged during the U.S. invasion back in 1989. Since then it has been sold several times to private investors and the hope still remains that someday it will become a hotel. More recently, it appeared in the newest James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, for the evening party scene. It's also used by the kids as a diving platform and skateboard park. Fashion shows, concerts and filming for commercials have also made one night stands since we have been in Casco but it's definitely suffering from neglect.
divers     skateboarders
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