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Another surprise

Casco Antiguo
Surprising things happen in Casco Viejo. Not the numerous things that are just "different" (because virtually everything is, for us) but something so unlikely that you begin to understand that anything is possible. Until now, our benchmark for the improbable in Casco has been Opera at the National Theater - who would have thought! Over the weekend Opera may have fallen to . . . Read More...

More visitors

Elaine and Ron visiting Casco
Another great day in Casco Viejo made even better by a visit from Panama Notes readers, Elaine and Ron. We had a nice lunch at Super Gourmet and did our little walking tour of Casco which ended, of course, with a stop at the ice cream shop.

The Bramson's plan on building in Altos Del Maria - trading in the big city life of Atlanta for the more laid back lifestyle in a mountain community. It's always interesting when we visit with others that plan on moving to Panama (or already have) to hear the why's and process used in selecting a particular place within the country. Everyone has their own criteria and the attractiveness of Panama is that it has something for everyone.
Elaine and Jane

Every visit we have from a "Notes" reader has turned a name into a friend. Thanks for stopping by guys - hope we see you again!

Take care.

Our Casa Angel

Casa Angel

A couple of months ago, while wandering the streets of Casco Viejo, a piece of artwork caught our eye at one of the galleries. This large wooden angel (made of driftwood by a Panamanian artist) was so big the gallery had it hanging on the outside of the building. Several days later, Jane finally asked if it might be for sale - it was. Our problem, we had nowhere to hang it (this was back during those great remodeling days) but that was quickly solved when the gallery owner said they would keep it for us until the apartment was ready. Read More...

Sunday Flea Market

Casco Flea Market

The Sunday flea market in Casco Viejo usually means that Jane and I walk the three blocks to Plaza Independencia to check things out - maybe get a snow cone or grab something to eat. Jane might find a book or two, a craft item or a plant for the apartment. We people watch for a while then head home.

Occasionally something special is going on - like today . . . Read More...

View from the roof

While helping with the installation of our new wireless internet I snapped a few pictures from the roof of our building. Enjoy.

Bay of Panama Little Park
Ministerio de Justicia Convento de Santo Domingo

Our entry door on the right

Just a little additional information on the picture of the Convento de Santo Domingo. Remember those old walls we have in our apartment foyer, those belonged to the convent's stable - back in the 1700's.

Take care.

Survived another move

Our Casco Apartment
The move from the rental to our new place was our eighth move since we arrived in Panama last June. We only had a couple of hundred feet between new and old but that was overshadowed by all the "stuff" we had managed to accumulate since our arrival. At any rate, we survived and are happy it's done. Even Wags seems relieved that all the excitement is over.

Plenty still to do at the new place, but we can cook (range was installed), wash the dishes (sink drain working), watch TV, and use our new (fast) internet service. Went out yesterday and bought dishes, dinning room table and chairs and some other necessities but still lacking pots and pans. (Gee, too bad, I can't cook! This from Jane). We are basically "happy campers" and maybe by the end of the week will be able to have our first "sit down" meal to celebrate.

Take care.

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