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Panama National Elections

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This Sunday (May 3) Panama's national elections will take place. It's basically a non-event for those of us who are just guests in this country - except for the noise (VERY LOUD music seems to be an important factor in getting your candidate's message out to the voters), the traffic jams (long lines of cars - with BIG speaker systems playing the aforementioned LOUD MUSIC and blowing their horns) and the ubiquitous fireworks. Read More...

New shop in Casco

Pana Art

Pana Art has just opened in Casco Viejo and was rumored to offer something I might be interested in - so, off I go to check things out. They have a wide range of Panamanian handicrafts, clothing and artwork at what looked like very reasonable prices (of course, the "shopping guru" is still in Kentucky, so this will be subject to confirmation upon her return).
Pana Art inside

Tucked into a corner hey also have a internet café (a very good addition to Casco) with a couple of tables where you can sit and sip your favorite beverage and enjoy a pastry while checking that important email. The whole setup is a great addition to Casco Viejo and run by some very helpful ladies (mother and daughter). Ops, almost forgot, they also have very good . . . Read More...

On the beach

Our beach

About a 150 feet from our front door is this beach. In this first picture we are looking down from the promenade that is across the street from our apartment. All kinds of activities take place on this strip of sand (only available during low tide) - from, soccer and baseball games to weddings. The local kids even swim here and lately i've been using the beach for . . . Read More...

Quick lunch

Quick lunch

When we need a quick lunch, or just happen to be in the plaza at lunchtime we stop by the hotdog cart. I order up a dog "todo" (all, everything) - a BIG dog with slaw, onions, mustard, catsup, mayo and hot-sauce. Jane skips the hot-sauce. We pay a whopping $1.20 (60¢ each) and head for one of the benches to people watch. I usually grab a second - can't pass up a good dog or a bargain.

Hey, just realized it's lunch time. I'm off to the plaza. Take care.

Home alone

B.G. Wags

Jane is in Kentucky visiting family and friends. Wags and I are holding down the home front - working hard, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! So far we have managed to stay out of trouble.

Think we need to take a walk and get some ice cream. Take care

Fun night for a good cause

American Society Auction

Last Thursday Jane and I attended a charitable auction sponsored by the American Society of Panama. The society is a non-profit that supports educational programs in Panama City - their primary project is a school in Casco Viejo. Membership is open to anyone, so in addition to those of us from the U.S.A. we meet Canadians, a couple from Australia, several Brits and Panamanians, the majority in attendance. Read More...
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