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Get on your feet

Gloria Estefan Concert
Thursday night we went out for dinner and a concert - Jane, Maria and two of Maria's friends from Colombia and the lone guy - me. We started with dinner at Restaurante Casablanca, here in Casco Viejo at Plaza Bolivar. It's always nice eating outdoors (especially when the weather cooperates) and everyone's food was very good. Maria (owner of Frit Arte) seems to know everyone - so we had great service.

Around 7:30 we left Casco Viejo for the concert at the convention center on the Amador Causeway. I managed not to get lost (driving Maria's car), finding a parking spot was relatively easy and we were in our seats on time. Read More...

St. Croix Visitors

Jane, Joel and Rose

Rose and Joel (friends from our St. Croix days) left today after two busy weeks in Panama. They spent a couple of days with us, but most of the time they were on the road (nearly 2000 kilometers - 1250 miles) seeing the sights - it was wearing me out reading about their travels. Visiting Panama City, El Valle, Boquete, Bocas, Santa Clara, Colon and many small towns in between, they had mostly positive things to report - good food (especially the lasagna), beer, great scenery and friendly people. Read More...

Feast Around the World

The Fiesta Alrededor del Mundo (World Food Festival) was this past week at the ATLAPA Convention Center - looked like a good portion of the city turned out for this annual event. Hosted by Caravana, which is a women's coalition (Panamanian and Foreign Nationals) who represent the various countries who have their nationals living in Panama. Proceeds support the Caravana de Asistencia Social and their programs throughout the country. Read More...

Odds and Ends

taking it easy

Pretty quiet in Casco Viejo. Jane is in Kentucky until the end of the week. Wags and I are just hangin' out - last night we went out for tacos - I eat, Wags watches. We did have overnight visitors - Rose and Joel from St. Croix, they rented a car and are now out exploring and I'm sure they will have some stories to tell when they get back to the City.

Some miscellaneous stuff you might (might not) find interesting. Read More...
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