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Street Stuff

Unusual place for an art show

Old Club Union    Club Union Dive

Just down the street from our apartment is the bombed out shell (courtesy of our invasion back in 1989) of Manual Noriega's old Club Union. While it sits waiting for a developer with a lot of money, this roofless structure has played movie set (James Bond), concert venue, party spot, skateboard park and diving platform for the kids - among other things. Read More...

Exorcising the Red Devils

I've done a couple posts on Panama's famous (infamous) Red Devils but Time Magazine just published this article - Panama City Tries to Exorcise its Red Devils. You might find the article interesting, but I think they came up a little short with the accompanying picture so I've included this short video.

Take care.

Another surprise

Casco Antiguo
Surprising things happen in Casco Viejo. Not the numerous things that are just "different" (because virtually everything is, for us) but something so unlikely that you begin to understand that anything is possible. Until now, our benchmark for the improbable in Casco has been Opera at the National Theater - who would have thought! Over the weekend Opera may have fallen to . . . Read More...

Quick lunch

Quick lunch

When we need a quick lunch, or just happen to be in the plaza at lunchtime we stop by the hotdog cart. I order up a dog "todo" (all, everything) - a BIG dog with slaw, onions, mustard, catsup, mayo and hot-sauce. Jane skips the hot-sauce. We pay a whopping $1.20 (60¢ each) and head for one of the benches to people watch. I usually grab a second - can't pass up a good dog or a bargain.

Hey, just realized it's lunch time. I'm off to the plaza. Take care.

Sunday Flea Market

Casco Flea Market

The Sunday flea market in Casco Viejo usually means that Jane and I walk the three blocks to Plaza Independencia to check things out - maybe get a snow cone or grab something to eat. Jane might find a book or two, a craft item or a plant for the apartment. We people watch for a while then head home.

Occasionally something special is going on - like today . . . Read More...

A visitor, música and night work

Bonnie and Jane at Gongora
Had another Panama Notes reader stop by for a visit and she traveled a looong way to reach Panama. Bonnie is a English language teacher living in Japan and is checking out Panama and Mexico (her next stop) as a possible place to retire. Jane and I needed to do some shopping at Albrook Mall so Bonnie decided to tag along and check things out - she was impressed. Even checked out the theater and decided she would return to catch a couple of flicks - ticket $4.00 versus the $15 it costs in Japan. We had a good lunch and got some stuff we needed for the apartment, then back to Casco. Read More...
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