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Getting our Panama Drivers License

Panama DL

One thing that needed to change when we bought the car - we couldn't continue to play loose with the law, we needed a Panama driver's license. I had been using my Virgin Islands driver's license when we rented a car and just played the dumb tourist if we got stopped at a police checkpoint, those days were over. So I needed a license and Jane decided that she might want to drive, so the two of us ventured forth into the bureaucratic web that one encounters when getting something official done in a foreign county.

First, lets put this adventure in context. A few months ago I decided to get a Michigan drivers license - with help from my sister, it took about an hour, I was impressed. Seven years ago when I got my Virgin Islands DL, it took a couple of weeks, half a dozen trips to DMV and a lot of aggravation. I was hoping that Panama would come a lot closer to my Michigan experience than the Virgin Island nightmare.

Wild Wild West


The normal bustle in Casco Viejo was interrupted this morning when we heard a commotion outside our window. We looked and were surprised to see that the Wild Wild West had come to town. Stopping traffic this galloping group was attracting a lot of attention. I even thought I saw Roy Rogers as they disappeared around the corner - probably just my imagination.

Jane (I was eating breakfast) finally caught up with the posse for a couple of pictures at a watering hole over at Plaza Bolivar. Read More...

Something's missing

old club
When Manual Noriega was running the show in Panama this building was a Social Club for his top commanders. As you can see it was severely damaged during the U.S. invasion back in 1989. Since then it has been sold several times to private investors and the hope still remains that someday it will become a hotel. More recently, it appeared in the newest James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, for the evening party scene. It's also used by the kids as a diving platform and skateboard park. Fashion shows, concerts and filming for commercials have also made one night stands since we have been in Casco but it's definitely suffering from neglect.
divers     skateboarders

And they keep on coming

Concert Poster
Surprises that is. First surprise, Panama has a chapter of University of Pennsylvania Alumni Club - didn't think to ask anyone why, so it remains a mystery (to me). Next surprise, the entertainment that pops up in little ole Panama - this time a performance by the Penn Glee Club, sponsored by the alumni as a fund raiser. The Penn Glee Club was founded 147 years ago and has performed in 37 countries on 5 continents - pretty amazing. Sounded interesting so . . . Read More...

Fun night for a good cause

American Society Auction

Last Thursday Jane and I attended a charitable auction sponsored by the American Society of Panama. The society is a non-profit that supports educational programs in Panama City - their primary project is a school in Casco Viejo. Membership is open to anyone, so in addition to those of us from the U.S.A. we meet Canadians, a couple from Australia, several Brits and Panamanians, the majority in attendance. Read More...
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