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Moving day

Started our move to the new apartment so we might be offline (out of touch) for the next couple of days. We're changing our ISP, never know if the gremlins will strike, if all goes well, should have a post by Sunday.

Range install New kitchen

The new range was installed today - their second try, had a little mixup on the first attempt. Countertops and cabinets look great. If I could just get the sink drain installed we would be in good shape. Still have a couple dozen other "odd jobs" to complete, but it's lookin' good.

Back in couple of days. take care.

A visitor, música and night work

Bonnie and Jane at Gongora
Had another Panama Notes reader stop by for a visit and she traveled a looong way to reach Panama. Bonnie is a English language teacher living in Japan and is checking out Panama and Mexico (her next stop) as a possible place to retire. Jane and I needed to do some shopping at Albrook Mall so Bonnie decided to tag along and check things out - she was impressed. Even checked out the theater and decided she would return to catch a couple of flicks - ticket $4.00 versus the $15 it costs in Japan. We had a good lunch and got some stuff we needed for the apartment, then back to Casco. Read More...

Making progress

Kitchen cabinet installation

Busy week, we made some real progress. We've finally "turned the corner" and the apartment is looking less like a construction zone and more like our new home. End of the month move in looks like it might actually happen. During the week we had painters, carpenters, the guys working on the walls and most importantly the new kitchen cabinets arrived and are now installed. Still to come, countertops and appliances. Read More...

Night walk

Casco Viejo at night

When the sun starts to set Casco Viejo several things happen. The government offices close and most of the government workers head for home in other parts of the city, construction projects call it quits for the day, their workers leave and the noise level drops, and those that live in Casco venture out to enjoy the cool evening. Wags and I are normally out 3 or 4 times starting with our after dinner walk (Jane is doing the dishes) and it's not unusual for us to be out on a last walk after midnight. Last night we ventured out around eleven and this is what we encountered . . . Read More...

The wall

Casa Urrutia front

"They don't build them like this anymore" aptly describes these old buildings in Casco Viejo. Sometime that's good, sometime not so good. Our apartment is quite typical in that it has exterior walls that are at least two FEET thick and a lot can be happening inside those walls. Damp, sometimes wet, walls are one of those bad things and we had a couple problem areas. We had considered a couple of different solutions and decided to . . . Read More...

Nuts and bolts

Do It Center

Work on the new apartment is back on track (I hope) - our goal is to move before the month ends. Rumor has it that the kitchen cabinets are here (in customs) but we continue with the small stuff while we wait. Jane is doing painting, window treatments and her usual great job as my gofer. I'm back in the swing of things, trying to get the kitchen prep work done for the cabinets and appliances. We're making progress. Read More...
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