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Embera Adventure

getting ready
Last Tuesday we did something unusual (for us) - we took a "tour", although a more accurate description would be "expedition". Our adventure started at eight in the morning and ended over ten hours later - it was a loooong day. We traveled, first by car - then dugout canoe, to a Embera village on the Chagres River in Panama's rainforest. Not all that far from the city - but we were transported to a whole different world.

Our guide was one of those interesting people that you tend to meet in unusual places, like Panama. Anne is a U.S. citizen, with a 20 year career as a animal trainer in film and TV. She meet her husband while working on a film in the jungles of Panama, and is now married to a member of the village we visited.

A little history. The Embera are one of the seven recognized tribes of indigenous people in Panama. They first migrated from Columbia to Panama’s Darien region. Then, over the last quarter-century, a few of these families pushed further west, establishing small villages on the Chagres River. Today, they live much as their ancestors did - except that they welcome tourists.

So, take a little trip with us as we visit Embera' Puru. Read More...
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