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Party Gifts
Jane and Maria (Frit Arte) hosted a little Christmas party at Maria's restaurant a couple of days ago for some of the neighborhood kids, kids of Frit Arte workers, and kids of some of the police who eat at Frit Arte. Santa greeted them at the door and welcomed all the kids because they are on Santa's "Good" list. The game, "Pin the Nose on Santa" was a big hit. There was all the gourmet food kids are interested in (chicken nuggets and pizza) and cupcakes for dessert. The bottle of bubbles in the gift bags were fun. There were bubbles all over the restaurant with everyone popping them. Kids of all ages danced. Six boys and girls from a choir entertained with Christmas songs. It was a great time and everyone left happy and in the Christmas spirit. Read More...

Parade Pictures

A few pictures from the big parades this week.

Don't forget - click to see a larger version.

Saint Mary's    Flags

Wild Wild West


The normal bustle in Casco Viejo was interrupted this morning when we heard a commotion outside our window. We looked and were surprised to see that the Wild Wild West had come to town. Stopping traffic this galloping group was attracting a lot of attention. I even thought I saw Roy Rogers as they disappeared around the corner - probably just my imagination.

Jane (I was eating breakfast) finally caught up with the posse for a couple of pictures at a watering hole over at Plaza Bolivar. Read More...

La Fiesta de la Música

Fiesta de la Musica

Yesterday Casco Viejo played host to the Fiesta de la Música, a festival of music born in France in 1982 and currently celebrated in over 100 countries around the world. In Panama it's primary sponsor is the French government through it's embassy. This was the third year for the festival in Casco Viejo and it was a BIG event. Four outdoors stages. two indoor venues and a total of thirty seven performances. Things started to happen around five p.m. (not bad, considering it was scheduled to start at four o'clock) and it was still going when Wags and I went out for our midnight walk. Read More...

And they keep on coming

Concert Poster
Surprises that is. First surprise, Panama has a chapter of University of Pennsylvania Alumni Club - didn't think to ask anyone why, so it remains a mystery (to me). Next surprise, the entertainment that pops up in little ole Panama - this time a performance by the Penn Glee Club, sponsored by the alumni as a fund raiser. The Penn Glee Club was founded 147 years ago and has performed in 37 countries on 5 continents - pretty amazing. Sounded interesting so . . . Read More...

Orquesta Sinfónica de Panamá

Sinfonica Concert National Theater Boxes BDB Duo
We just returned from the National Theater where we enjoyed a concert by the Panama Symphony with guest performers the BDB Duo. This was the first time we had heard the full symphony - they were very good. The Spanish Embassy sponsored the evening and although you needed an invitation, it was free - just had to e-mail the Embassy and then stop by to pick up our invite. This was probably the sixth concert we have attended at the National Theater and they have all been free, amazing!

Lest you think we have joined the "high society" set in Panama with all these theater outings. Read More...

Exorcising the Red Devils

I've done a couple posts on Panama's famous (infamous) Red Devils but Time Magazine just published this article - Panama City Tries to Exorcise its Red Devils. You might find the article interesting, but I think they came up a little short with the accompanying picture so I've included this short video.

Take care.

Sunday Flea Market

Casco Flea Market

The Sunday flea market in Casco Viejo usually means that Jane and I walk the three blocks to Plaza Independencia to check things out - maybe get a snow cone or grab something to eat. Jane might find a book or two, a craft item or a plant for the apartment. We people watch for a while then head home.

Occasionally something special is going on - like today . . . Read More...
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