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Something's missing

old club
When Manual Noriega was running the show in Panama this building was a Social Club for his top commanders. As you can see it was severely damaged during the U.S. invasion back in 1989. Since then it has been sold several times to private investors and the hope still remains that someday it will become a hotel. More recently, it appeared in the newest James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, for the evening party scene. It's also used by the kids as a diving platform and skateboard park. Fashion shows, concerts and filming for commercials have also made one night stands since we have been in Casco but it's definitely suffering from neglect.
divers     skateboarders

So what went missing? Pretty easy to spot in these before and after pics and yes, the tree was as big as it looks.
before      after

As frequently happens to these old building (especially those unprotected by a roof, when we get a lot of rain and some wind) - things start coming apart. The tree (and part of the building) bit the dust! The only real problem created by this collapse is that the debris has blocked one of the accesses to the beach. Most changes in Casco are not as sudden and, thankfully, tend to be positive - but things do change on a daily basis, it's part of what makes living here so interesting.

Take care.
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