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Panama Jazz Festival

6th Panama JazzThis week is a good week if you are a jazz fan living in or visiting Panama as the 6th Panama Jazz Festival takes place from the 12th through the 17th. The big, all day, free final concert will take place here in Casco Viejo.

The festival’s founder, Danilo Pérez, says this about his endeavor. "The Panama Jazz Festival has been a magical journey to a dream we've had for years in Panama. We, as a country, see the entire world pass through the Panama Canal every day, and we are honored to be the bridge of the Americas. But today, we are proud to say that every year -- for the past six years -- the Panama Jazz Festival has been the national event where the world does not pass by, but makes a stop in our wonderful land. The world's best jazz artists, as well as students and volunteers from all over the globe, unite in Panama with one goal in mind: to celebrate the world's diversity through jazz."

Don’t know if I will make it to any of the indoor concerts, but will certainly be dropping by Cathedral Plaza for the all day extravaganza. You can read more about the Panama Jazz Festival here.

Take care.
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