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New Extra Logo
Those of you with a little too much time on your hands might have noticed a few changes to Panama Notes since the first of the year. Different colors, a few changes to the layout, the morphing banner pictures on this page and a change to the navigation bar. Also, a much nicer way to display videos is now up and working, along with some new versions of older videos (some are now in HD). I've also finally been able to add a search function to Panama Notes - some newer visitors may find that useful for finding information in earlier Notes.

Not new, but just a reminder to click on photos to see a larger versions and if you use one of the many RSS readers - click on the little orange icon at the top of the sidebar to subscribe. Read More . . .

New Year a new look

fireworks 2
Hope everyone's new year is off to a good start. Decided to give Panama Notes a little makeover - new colors, the site is a little wider and I've got some added flexibility when displaying photos and my little animated slideshows. Will see how it goes (hope I don't mess too many things up) and what the reaction to the new look is.

In RapidWeaver, the program I use to create Panama Notes, you get a different look by either changing theme or modifying your existing theme. I'm trying a new theme (E Flux by Nick Cates Design) primarily because it offers a "lightbox" feature for displaying videos. When you see a "Play Video" button, click and it displays a video in a "overlay". Since I doing more videos, it should be a nice addition. We'll see. Read More . . .
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