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Back in Panama

I've returned from my little volunteer stint with the AYSO National Games (youth soccer) in Wellington Florida. We had over two hundred teams, 3000+ players, and 32 soccer fields setup on the polo fields at the International Polo Club. Teams traveled from across the country, from as far away as Hawaii, California, the USVI and Trinidad to compete in this bi-annual event. Plenty of soccer and lots of kids having a great time. Only major problem - it was HOT!

Highlights: The soccer. Seeing old friends - parents and kids from St. Croix and referees I've worked with in the past. Made new friends - a great group of volunteers from the local area. Even saw my first polo match. Fantastic event, people and memories.

Take care

Note: I'm hard at work on my "annual report" as we start our third year in Panama. Time flies!

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