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Away for 3 weeks

AYSO National Games
As most of you know, before moving to Panama I was a youth soccer referee for many years. I no longer referee, but AYSO is having their National Games in Wellington Florida (near West Palm Beach) so I'm going as a volunteer. For the next three weeks I will be helping the good folks from Region 14 get ready for this bi-annual event that hosts 140 teams from all over the country. Looking forward to seeing old friends and some great soccer.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer. Take care.

Earth Day Project

Palms arrive in front of our apartment.
AVACA (our neighborhood organization) sponsored an Earth Day related project in Casco Viejo today. Six Royal Palms were planted next to the Teatro Nacional to replace palms that had died some time ago. As you can see, these were no little seedlings and it took a lot of manpower (plus the kids) to get these big guys in place. You might also notice that we received an added bonus, as the palms are right outside our apartment - a nice addition to our already great view.

Everyone lends a hand   Up it goes   The crowd looks on
Click image to see larger version. Click center image to see video.

Everyone have a great day. Take care.

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