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Odds and Ends

Damcers on stage

I thought I had better get something posted so that everyone knows that all is well in Panama. It's just that we've settled into a state of tranquilo-ness, i.e. - nothing really exciting to write about and I've simply been short of inspiration lately.

So . . . . what's been happening: Read More . . .

Yellow is nice

Until recently Jane and I relied on taxis to get around and for the most part it worked out well. We had a few experiences that resulted in interesting stories and over time we became pretty proficient at getting around the city. A couple of minor difficulties, however, always made these taxi outings more of a challenge then they should have been. Namely, it was always hard to tell if a cab was occupied (no fancy little light on top) and it was difficult to tell if the car in question was really a taxi (no standard color) so you ended up waving at a lot of occupied vehicles, some of which weren't even taxis. Read More . . .
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