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A look back

Street Music
Time flies . . . . as we start our third year in Panama a quick look at the year gone by.

Some highlights:
• The parades, processions, concerts and festivals. Always something happening in Casco.
• Dinning out - at affordable prices. Eric's hamburgers, Per Due's pizza, the prix fixe dinner at Renee's
• Dinning our - a splurge at Buzio's, S'cena or Ego.
• Going to the National Theater.
• Meeting Panama Notes readers on their vist to Panama.
• Talking to visitors in Casco Viejo and giving our little tours.
• Watching everyday life in our new neighborhood. Walking the streets. Relaxing in a plaza.
* Housecalls - for Jane's haircuts and by Wag's vet.
• Jane is tutoring English as a second language. It's hard keeping a former teacher retired.
• We bought a car.
• Managed to get our Panama drivers' licenses in a single day - major accomplishment.
• Roadtrips - shopping and exploring the countryside - big plus of having a car.
• BIGGEST SURPRISE of the year - Jane is driving herself around town.

On the practical side:
• Changed our stateside bank (our Atlanta bank was one of those failures you read about). Now banking with USAA - great service.
• Continue to be very happy with the quality of the health care in Panama.
• Progress on learning Spanish has been painfully slow on my part. Jane is, however, picking up the slack.

Hope you past twelve months has been as interesting as ours. Take care.

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