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Gremlins at work

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Had a slight technical problem today as you may have noticed if you tried to access the site earlier. The “slight” problem was turned into a MAJOR problem when I decided I could probably fix the issue by just digging around in the sites server side files - bad idea! Once I realized I had no clue and called tech support at Little Oak (my hosting service) they cleaned up my mistake so I could reload the site. Still trying to cleanup some loose ends and barring another bonehead mistake (not unheard of) the site should be ok.

Please let me know via email if you spot any problems. Thanks

Nothing Exciting

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Our major accomplishment for the day - we looked at another apartment that is for sale in the building next to our rental. Two bedrooms, nice view of the city, and some great inside architectural features inside - exposed “calicanto” walls and remnants of the very old foundation. It’s on our “maybe” list.

Casco Viejo Park
A trip via taxi to the grocery store (one of the amenities that Casco Viejo lacks) and several walks around Casco, took care of the rest of the day. What a life.

Special Note: I’ve upgraded the software used to create this site. If you see something that doesn’t look right or won’t display - please let me know.

Take care.

We're back in business

Mac Store
Our Mac Mini returned from the shop today, fixed - sort of. For you techies out there our problem was no sound, but unlike most computers, the Mini has no sound card but a chip that is part of the “motherboard”. Short story version - No sound, replace the motherboard. The Mac Store ordered a new board, it arrived on time, they estimated three days and I could get it back - three days later I’m back in business. Read more

Out of touch

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My Mac Mini has been acting a little strange lately (lost all my audio capabilities) so I stopped by the “Mac Store” before we went to Cerro Azul to see if they could diagnose the problem. Bad news - they found the problem. Good news - I had done something I NEVER do, I had purchased Apple’s Extended Care service policy and magically the Mini was still under warranty. They had to order the part and when we returned from the mountains it had arrived - so no computer for a couple of days while it is in the shop. Hopefully I will have a positive story to tell upon it’s return. Till then, take care.

Staying in touch

Jane and Friend at Albrook Mall
Whether moving or visiting you’ll want to stay in touch with those “back home”. Fortunately, the internet makes that much easier than in the old days - I remember touring Europe and having to seek out the local American Express office to get my two week old mail and then beating my post cards home.

Email: Today, it’s easier and faster - if you remember just a couple of things. If you’re a laptop user and are familiar with wireless access - problems should be minimal (just brush up on security issues and protocols). Hotspots are readily available, especially in Panama City. If you normally access your email from your desktop machine, you may find yourself out of touch - unless you are familiar with using a public computer (internet cafe) and accessing your email via your providers “webmail” interface. Read more

Some Technical Stuff

Just a short post tonight about some of the tools used to put this site together.

I’m a MAC guy. My current operating system is OSX 10.5.3 running on a MAC Mini. My primary web browser is Safari.
Help requested from those NOT using the Safari browser - the majority of visitors. Could you give me some feedback on how this site looks and functions for you. Read more
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