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Read This First

First Time Visitors - Read This First

This blog is not an example of an advanced creative writer hard at work, nor will it be a grammar and punctuation tutorial. You will need to deal with sixty years of bad writing habits, unique sentence structure and punctuation. The use of the minus (-) sign as punctuation being the most aggresses. Nevertheless, I hope most posts are readable, informative and occasionally make you smile.

Opinions will dot the landscape - remember, my opinions are only slightly more valuable than the average, but still are worth about what you are paying to read them. If you disagree, feel free to add a comment - just keep it civil.

We won’t be selling anything, nor accepting any fees when we recommend a product or service. We simply thought the business or individual deserved mention and that others may find our experience helpful.

Important: This blog is now in it’s second month. If you want to read earlier “Notes” go to the “Archives” section in the sidebar.

Jane, Wags and I hope you are frequent visitors as our adventure gets underway.

Tiene un gran día!
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