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Cerro Azul

Odds and Ends

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Nothing really exciting today - sun shined and it rained. But we . . . . (everyone knows to hit that pesky little “read more” link to see the rest of this insightful “extras note”, right?)

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Cerro Azul - Just Looking

Altos de Cerro Azul
Rained most of this morning, just another Rainy Season day - sun peaked out a couple of times, then the clouds rolled in. Quite amazing how fast the conditions change: rain, sun, clouds in the valley, clouds on a neighboring ridge and sometimes we are actually IN THE CLOUDS.

The sun pops out and we decide to explore parts of Cerro Azul a little farther off the “yellow brick road”. Away we go. If my earlier pictures gave the impression that all the houses are small, modest affairs - check these out.
Cerro Azul very nice house
Cerro Azul white house

and these.
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Cerro Azul - Our Observations

Altos de Cerro Azul

We are packing for our return to Panama City from Los Altos de Cerro Azul after our nine day stay and have a few observations to share. First, we are very happy that we changed our plans and made this trip. It was worthwhile and we learned a lot about Cerro Azul and the surrounding area. Is Cerro Azul where we want to live in Panama? Maybe, maybe not - it’s too early in our search to tell. We can tell you that Cerro Azul has moved from a place we where curious about, to one that is now on our list of possibilities. Our observations: Read more

Cerro Azul - Wanderings

Cerro Azul - cloudy day
Got up this morning to clouds and rain showers (at least I did). Jane, who is the early riser, saw a little sun before the clouds rolled in and enjoyed a chilly 64° for her early morning walk with Wags. After breakfast I worked on a pot of black bean soup for later in the day (great soup weather here in Cerro Azul) and then went out for a short walk and got invited to a neighbors house to get a resident’s take on the area. Smitty and Rachelle have been living full-time in Cerro Azul for about a year and a half, have a great house, two Australian Shepherds and enjoy their new lifestyle. We talked about everything and certainly came away with a better understanding of what it’s like to live in Cerro Azul. Our visit with them also highlighted the obvious - you ALWAYS receive the best information if you can take your time, look around, make connections (planned or otherwise) and actually sit down with people that have already done what you are thinking about doing. No amount of reading (this blog or any other), research, or “experts” telling you what is best, can provide the kind of information you get when talking directly with everyday people, like you and me. Read more

Cerro Azul - Up and Down

Altos de Cerro Azul
Our first full day at Cerro Azul started with a quick tour by Paul. Just wanted to get our bearings so we could wander on our own without getting big time lost. No straight roads in this place, lots of dead ends, curves and hills - driving is interesting. One of the useful things (for us novices) the developer has done is use yellow paint for the dashed centerline on the Main Road and a white dashed centerline leading to the clubhouse/restaurant and pool.
Typical road in Cerro Azul
So .... you can follow the “yellow brick road” until you end up at the front gate or use the white line to the clubhouse - either place you can get directions to where you really wanted to go (maybe). By the way, the remaining roads in Cerro Azul have NO centerline marked - probably not a big issue, except for those of us that have spent the last nine years (or maybe a lifetime) driving on the left. “You’re on the wrong side again” is a frequent reminder I hear from my navigator. Read more

Nice and cool

Cerro Azul on a cloudy day
We’re in the mountains and a couple of things are strikingly different from the city - it’s cool and quiet! About twenty minutes after leaving Panama City we started the climb to Cerro Azul and arrived at our new (temporary) digs about forty minutes later. The changes during the hour long drive (total) were quiet amazing. - We left the city on the modern multi-lane toll-road (Corredor Sur) and finished on a winding two-lane country road that could use a little work. The high-rise towers of the city were replaced by towering pine trees. Paved streets by chicken farms. Honking horns by singing birds. Best of all, I can look out the window while typing this and see the lights of Panama City - it’s that close. Read more
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