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Nonstop Excitement!

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Last week it seemed like it rained the entire week, even the Panamanians were grumbling. Not a good week to be out and around, so we did a little painting at the new apartment. That pretty much sums up the week - we watched it rain and for a little change of pace watched the paint dry (very slowly).

Guest Writer

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Every now and then I plan to include “notes’ from special correspondents who may have a special viewpoint on life in Panama. This “note” is from our roving reporter who has had his nose to the ground over these last four months sniffing out aspects of our adventure that may be overlooked by us mere mortals. So, from the paws of B.G. Wags some observations - woof, woof, woof-woof, woof. Oops, forgot to turn the translator on, now that that’s fixed you can. . . . Read more

It's a . . . . .

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Jane and I are tied up on on little project but thought you might want to enter the “Guess what this is contest”. Grand Prize for the best answer (judges ruling is final) a treat at Casco’s ice cream shop when you visit - you are planing a trip, aren’t you? So if you want to enter . . . Read more

Gremlins at work

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Had a slight technical problem today as you may have noticed if you tried to access the site earlier. The “slight” problem was turned into a MAJOR problem when I decided I could probably fix the issue by just digging around in the sites server side files - bad idea! Once I realized I had no clue and called tech support at Little Oak (my hosting service) they cleaned up my mistake so I could reload the site. Still trying to cleanup some loose ends and barring another bonehead mistake (not unheard of) the site should be ok.

Please let me know via email if you spot any problems. Thanks

Nothing Exciting

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Our major accomplishment for the day - we looked at another apartment that is for sale in the building next to our rental. Two bedrooms, nice view of the city, and some great inside architectural features inside - exposed “calicanto” walls and remnants of the very old foundation. It’s on our “maybe” list.

Casco Viejo Park
A trip via taxi to the grocery store (one of the amenities that Casco Viejo lacks) and several walks around Casco, took care of the rest of the day. What a life.

Special Note: I’ve upgraded the software used to create this site. If you see something that doesn’t look right or won’t display - please let me know.

Take care.

Before I Forget

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A couple of “Extras” that will get lost in the shuffle if I don’t write them down.

Today (Wednesday) we went for our first major trip to the grocery store - up until now, we shopped almost daily for the things we needed. Now that we are settling in, it was time to stock up. Get a taxi and off we go. Load up a cart and head for the check-out lane (those dying for some cost of living comparisons will have to wait) and we are greeted by the usual “bagboys” - one unloads your cart for you, then joins his buddy at the other end to bag the stuff up. Then he rolls the cart to the curb and gets you a taxi, loads the groceries into the taxi and we are on our way. Service with a smile.

The taxi drivers continue to amaze. Going to the grocery we had “Mario Andretti” - thought Jane was going to jump out if given a chance. On the return, just a leisurely drive. Arrived at the apartment where our neighbors maid and handyman helped carry in the groceries. Then the amazing part. We had been inside the apartment unpacking the groceries when someone knocked at the door - it was the maid with a bag of our groceries. She told Jane we had left the bag in the taxi and the driver had RETURNED when he later discovered the bag. Maybe I’m getting cynical but I wonder in how many places that would happen. His total fare - a whopping $3.00.

Take Care.
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Out of touch

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My Mac Mini has been acting a little strange lately (lost all my audio capabilities) so I stopped by the “Mac Store” before we went to Cerro Azul to see if they could diagnose the problem. Bad news - they found the problem. Good news - I had done something I NEVER do, I had purchased Apple’s Extended Care service policy and magically the Mini was still under warranty. They had to order the part and when we returned from the mountains it had arrived - so no computer for a couple of days while it is in the shop. Hopefully I will have a positive story to tell upon it’s return. Till then, take care.

Odds and Ends

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Nothing really exciting today - sun shined and it rained. But we . . . . (everyone knows to hit that pesky little “read more” link to see the rest of this insightful “extras note”, right?)

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Chocolate Overdose!

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After a day of hard walking we headed over to MultiPlaza Mall and decided we needed to reward ourselves. So . . . .

We stopped by Showcolate. Now, if you have something like this where you live, excuse my enthusiasm - we certainly didn’t on St. Croix. Fresh fruit with way too much chocolate and it sure was good.

Showcolate at the MultiPlaza Mall Chocolate at Showcolate



Things happen to us all the time in Panama that are interesting, confusing, laughable, or unique - some might even be of interest to you, the reader. The problem is, although we (Jane and I) notice or comment to each other, there is nothing of real import that makes me run to the computer and whip up an “Note” for your perusal. If I do, make it to the computer, I then want to “tell a story” that maybe doesn’t really need to be told. So . . . . . today I introduce you to “Extras”. When you see this logo what you will get is a very short “Note” about? Something! It may be useful or funny (maybe both), but it won’t take much of your time. Read more
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