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Tuesday Night Football

Free Kick for Tauro
Tonight we ventured out for a real football game (soccer to those of you in the U.S.), a Liga de Campeones (Champions League) match between Chivas U.S.A and Tauro F.C. at Estadio Rod Carew. This was the first time I have been able to see a MLS (Major League Soccer) team in person and anticipated a pretty good game because they were facing one of the better local teams. It was a good game, although Chivas had several serious defensive lapses - guess that’s why they lost 2-0. Read more

Sunday Afternoon Football

Varsity League Football
Looking around for something to do after church I found a little blurb on a “Varsity League Football” game in Balboa. Tried to find a little more information to no avail (was it soccer, rugby, “American football”) as the “Varsity League” had me a little stumped. But, what the heck - let’s just go and see. Turned out to be “American football” (if you’re wondering why I use quotes - it’s because in the rest of the world “football” is really soccer). It was the leagues opening day and
and the crowd roars
we saw the Jaguars vs the Falcons plus two other teams we never got the names of. The format, (don’t know if the do this at all their “games”) two teams play a quarter. Then the other two play a quarter and then they start rotating opponents. Lots of cheering (no cheerleaders), music, Spanish announcer with a little English. Had fun, and the football, although not the NFL, was entertaining. Read more


Irving Saladino
I suspect that a lot of you are watching non-stop coverage of the Olympics and cheering the efforts of the your home countries team. Our Olympic TV coverage here in Panama is nothing to rave about - language is not the problem, it’s the amount of coverage (not a lot) and trying to find it on the local channels. For those of you paying close attention who might have looked WAY down the medal standings list to those countries who have a single medal to their credit you would have seen Panama and maybe thought “that’s neat” or even “that must be a big deal” down in Panama where Steve and Jane are. Read more
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