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We're Moving (again)

Just so you know that our new life in Panama is not just non-stop excitement. Today we’re moving - for the third time this month. It’s a short (actually very short) move, from the upstairs small apartment to the downstairs “Villa” at La Cresta de Oro. Only three more moves until we settle into our long-term rental apartment in Casco Viejo. Can’t wait!

Why so many moves? The major reason is that it’s just very hard to find rentals that are pet friendly - especially in Panama City. By the time we knew our departure date from St. Croix we just had to coble together a “lodging plan” that kept us off the streets. The plus side is that we’ve now lived in two different areas of the city and will try out mountain living (Cerro Azul) next week. It does, however, get old living out of a suitcase. Read more

The Rich and Famous

Remember when air travel had a certain romance associated with it. When we looked forward to our trip to the airport as we started our latest adventure. Now that seems like such a long time ago in a place far, far away . . . . .

American Eagle at Rohlsen Airport, St. Croix.
For several reasons (the hassle factor alluded to above) along with our relative isolation (read, very poor airline service from St. Croix), a lot of baggage and our concern for the third member of our family - Wags. Jane and I did something that was totally foreign to our lifestyle - we decided to charter a flight from St. Croix to Panama. Never, in our wildest dreams, had we ever considered spending such an outrageous sum for a ride in an airplane. Read more

A Tough Three Months

The decision to move was relatively easy, then the tough part started. We had two major factors that would determine the when of our move; Jane wanted to complete the school year (mid June) and we had a house to sell.

Jane and Wags at the house
We put our home on the market in January with everyone confident of a relatively quick sale. In fact we were worried about selling too soon and having to find a rental on St. Croix until the end of June. After some initial interest things slowed to a crawl - the mainland’s mortgage problems and housing meltdown started to impact sales on the island. Months slipped by and it was looking like a June move just wasn’t in the cards. When the occasional looker came by we would get hopeful then disappointed when nothing happened. Then, in mid May, we got an offer, countered and had a deal with a closing on June 25th, just a month away. Read more

Why Move?

Christiansted Boardwalk
The original title for this post was going to be, “Why Panama?” - but the process started with a much broader search and had a background element that made my process somewhat unique. Early in my life (several decades ago, when I was nineteen) our family spent two years in Africa. My two sisters and I attended the University of Nigeria while my father was on faculty. During those years I traveled within Africa, the Middle East and most of Europe and I have been a traveler (not a tourist) ever since. It’s in my nature to explore, take the roads less traveled and seek out new experiences and the excitement that comes with those experiences. Jane observed that every ten years or so it’s time to “hit the road”, again. Read more
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