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Will you need a Panama bank account?


Well . . . it depends. We have decided NOT to open an account with a local bank, partially due to the “hassle factor” but mostly because our “system” works just fine so far. Things may change, as we get more settled (have more local bills to pay) and become aware of the advantages of banking local - will wait and see. For now, we use a stateside bank, Panama ATM’s, cash and credit cards. Read more

Staying in touch

Jane and Friend at Albrook Mall
Whether moving or visiting you’ll want to stay in touch with those “back home”. Fortunately, the internet makes that much easier than in the old days - I remember touring Europe and having to seek out the local American Express office to get my two week old mail and then beating my post cards home.

Email: Today, it’s easier and faster - if you remember just a couple of things. If you’re a laptop user and are familiar with wireless access - problems should be minimal (just brush up on security issues and protocols). Hotspots are readily available, especially in Panama City. If you normally access your email from your desktop machine, you may find yourself out of touch - unless you are familiar with using a public computer (internet cafe) and accessing your email via your providers “webmail” interface. Read more

Some Technical Stuff

Just a short post tonight about some of the tools used to put this site together.

I’m a MAC guy. My current operating system is OSX 10.5.3 running on a MAC Mini. My primary web browser is Safari.
Help requested from those NOT using the Safari browser - the majority of visitors. Could you give me some feedback on how this site looks and functions for you. Read more

Thrill Ride

Since our arrival three weeks ago we have intentionally been without a car. The first time that has been the case in over forty years. With our decision to try “city life” for the next seven months came the opportunity and we decided to give it a try.

Taxi on Avenida Porras
So, how do we get around? We walk a lot and we use taxis. Depending on your luck (or lack thereof) you will be given a ride by either a “laid back” driver (the exception) with a nice air-conditioned car, someone that thinks he’s a NASCAR driver (the rule) and is behind the wheel of something that is one stop away from the junkyard, or a combination of these two extremes. You may get music played at a reasonable level or VERY LOUD. With the latter usually comes a driver who is not inclined to turn it down despite your obvious discomfort. We’ve had taxis run out of gas. They often pick-up additional passengers on the way and may try to charge extra because “it’s raining”, they really don’t want to go where you want to go, or because you look like a tourist. Read more

Visa Requirements?

Warning: This post has nothing worth reading unless you're thinking of moving to, or retiring in Panama. Of course, if you are really bored or have nothing better to do, feel free to Read more
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