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Baseball Playoffs

The Ballpark at high tide

Today on the way to the monthly flea market at the plaza we stopped by to check out the baseball playoffs. No, we didn’t stop at the local sports bar (Casco doesn’t have one), we joined the crowd at the local “ballpark”. If you’re familiar with Casco Viejo you may wonder exactly where the “ballpark” is. Well . . . .
you just wait for the tide to go out and presto!

The crowd looks on

The teams were all decked out in new uniforms. This was no stickball game in the street, it was serious stuff. The music loud and the announcer made the routine sound exciting. The crowd was standing room only and very enthusiastic. The vendors were doing a booming business - especially the cold beer guy. It was a great afternoon to be at the “ballpark”.

Big Game Popup

Oh, Jane went to the flea market - bought a couple of houseplants and some books and I stopped for ice cream on the walk home from the big game. Another typical day in Casco viejo. Take care.

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