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A walk around Casco Viejo

Tonight you get to tag-along on one of our late afternoon walks. We usually just wander around, get a snow cone from a street vendor, and explore.

Panama City from Casco Viejo Park
Out the door we go, turn left, and head towards this little park, with a nice view of the city.

Rubén Blades' house in Casco Viejo
Then it’s past Rubén Blades’ house (Panama’s Minister of Tourism). If you are a film buff or into Latin music you may recognize the name.

A few hundred feet and we start our walk along Las Bóvedas a vaulted promenade (actually the fortified walls of the old city).

 The tunnel of the bougainvillea's Panama City from Las Bóvedas

This walkway is divided into three sections: El Paseo General Estéban Huertas the tunnel of the bougainvillea's, La Punta de Chiriquí-the viewing point, and the French Plaza (La Plaza de Francia) - in homage to those who built the Canal.

La Punta de Chiriquí French Plaza (La Plaza de Francia)

After passing the French Embassy we join a typical Casco Viejo street.

French Embassy Typical Casco Viejo street Souvenir Shop

Often the buildings have a small business at street level with residential above. A couple of souvenir shops and a restaurant are along the way.

Outdoor Cafe in Casco Viejo Another Casco Viejo street view

Another small park is at the end of the street and we are just around the corner from our apartment.

Little Casco Viejo park Jane and Wags taking a rest

Hope you had a nice stroll. Take care.

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