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Diabolical "Slasher" strikes again

Ancon Theater
Saturday night Jane and I ventured out to the Theatre Guild of Ancon for a performance of “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”. The Theatre Guild (spelling intentional, as the organization was founded by British Expats in 1950) is like many small community theaters anywhere in the world - all volunteer, with budding actors/actresses doing their thing for a small but appreciative audience. The show was a comedy where the “Slasher” kept popping out of secret passages to dispatch his victims while the various cast members alternated between being the prime suspect, victims or less than great detectives. It was a fun two hours.

Related Stuff: Before taking the short taxi ride to the theater we walked up to Plaza Independencia for dinner at Cafe Rene. We had a four course meal (quiche, salad, entree and desert) in a nice setting, great service and the total bill - less than $20 including the too big tip.

After dinner we took a taxi to the theater and surprisingly found the place without a problem. We then decided it was best to see if we could get the same taxi to come back and pick us up after the show. Thanks to Jane’s improving Spanish (now at the “poco” level, while my command of Spanish languishes at the “muy muy poco” level) the driver says he will be back at 10:30. He does want us to memorize his taxi number - presumably that was to ensure that we could find him after the performance when the other 25 cabs were parked in line to pick up their passengers. After the show we go to the parking lot and surprise - he’s actually there! Wasn’t even that hard to find him as he was the only cab waiting. Away we go, home in ten minutes.

Take care.

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