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Concert at Teatro Nacional

Teatro Nacional
Tonight we attended a jazz concert at the National Theater. One in a series of events in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the theater. The concert was free - a gift from Alliance Francaise (a French cultural exchange organization) to the people of Panama.
Concert at National Theater
The theater is a great concert venue, very good acoustics and ornate almost beyond description - they don’t build halls like this any more! Looks like it could accommodate about 600 if they packed the place, and you wouldn’t be more than 75 feet from the stage in the worst seat.

Bojan Zulparkasic
The concert featured Bojan Zulparkasic, a Bulgarian born French jazz pianist who won the best artist award at the 2005 Europe Jazz Awards. He played solo and was very, very good and received a rave review from renowned music critic - Jane Kaufman. Not a great jazz fan (understatement), Jane said “that was jazz even I liked”. Enough said, we had a very enjoyable evening.

Bojan Zulparkasic at National Theater

Note: We were back at the apartment and out walking Wags while those driving to other parts of the city were still in the parking lot.

Take care.

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