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Just another day, until . . .

Art class in the plaza
On any given day you can see just about anything in Casco Viejo. School kids on a tour. Art classes in the plaza. Police on their morning run. Vendors and craft sellers. Tourists. Last week our neighbors plunked a tent down in the middle of the street (albeit a side street) and two soccer goals for the kids - somebody’s birthday party. It was an all day festivity ending in the required fireworks.

The marching band

Today was just another day until - we heard what sounded like a brass band. Taking a look around the corner, I was greeted by one of the local marching bands heading our way, with a large crowd in tow. Jane thought she had seen this march earlier in the day and this turned out to be a procession to honor the patron saint of Iglesia de la Merced. It was very solemn, even with the brass band. They would periodically stop for prayers - the real shock was we didn’t hear a single car horn from the considerable number of vehicles trapped behind crowd. The most unusual aspect however - the fireworks guy firing off his rockets.

Iglesia de la Merced Procession

After the procession passed and the traffic jam cleared out it was back to normal for Casco Viejo, such as it is.

Take care.

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