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Another look

With our hardhats in hand we made the short walk back to La Posada, a restoration project we looked at last week. As you can tell from the pictures, they have a little work to do. The agent says it will be ready by November. In a lot of ways Panama is just like the islands - when someone asks a question the answer is always meant to please - not be accurate. In the islands it’s the “don’t worry be happy” attitude, in Panama it’s "juego vivo" - live without hassle, that rules the day. Hey - “whatever works” does it for me.

Back to the real estate search. La Posada is on our “list” so we decided to go back a poke around on our own. All we had to do was wear our hardhats and we had the run of the building. Every building in Casco Viejo is classified by the government with respect to it’s historical importance (one being the most important, usually government buildings) La Posada is a Class Three. Being a Class Three means the restoration cannot alter the facade, roofline or other portions of the building visible from the street. They can remove or alter interior walls. In La Posada they erected a new steel frame on the inside to support new concrete floors and a modern roof - from the exterior it will restored to it’s original condition.
Courtyard at

The work done so far is pretty good, but the problem with construction in Panama usually turns up in the final phases - the finish work. Makes it difficult to make a decision when the work is in progress. Towards the end of the month we will be able to meet the developers (two brothers from the U.S.) so we might be able to get a better idea what the finished product will be like. Today, it’s on our list - but we are still determined to look at other options before we start reaching for the checkbook.

One the way back to the apartment we saw this real estate speculator - just hanging around checking out the area.

Everyone's shopping for real estate in Casco Viejo

Take care.

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