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Budget Buster

Casco Viejo View

Because we are both now retired and on the infamous “fixed income” we try and watch our spending - we actually have a budget and a surprisingly (for us) effective way of tracking our money (will tell you about the “system” someday). But, as with all well laid plans certain things occasionally popup that were not planned for. In our case it’s . . . .
the ice cream shop located around the corner from our apartment. Specifically, “Orange Chocolate” (me) and “Vanilla Mint” for Jane. Temptation too close to one’s doorstep is not a good thing. In an attempt to limit a problem with either our wallet or waistline we have adopted the “only twice a week ice cream shop” rule. We will see how our willpower holds up,

Our Ice Cream Shop in Casco Viejo Ice Cream

Take care.

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